Face Masks (Heyday Unisex 6 Layer Mesh Mask)

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Features & Benefits

Adjustable Nose-clip
Soft, Elastic Ear-Loops for comfortable fit
A One Size Fits All Solution
Skin friendly binding that holds shape for multiple usages
Minimal Eyewear Fogging
Washable And Reusable upto 30 gentle washes
Breathable Mesh Eliminates Heat Retention
Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust, Reusable
> 95% Bacterial filtration efficiency for >3 ┬Ám
Splash resistance
1x Triple Layered Air Mesh
2x Spunbond Non Woven Fabricic
2x Melt Blown Filters
1x Soft Fabric
Heyday Unisex 6 Layer Mesh Mask - Pack of 2
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